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Before the restoration started, something strange was discovered in the cellar. In the center of the north wall.  While a brick chimney base was, as expected, found supporting the ca. 1812 Drawing Room's fireplace and hearth, to the right of the ca. 1812 chimney base was another chimney base that did not support an existing hearth or fireplace. Additionally, to the left of the central chimney base was a large area of rough, plastered over brickwork that appeared to be from a third chimney base that had been demolished. What was going on here?


North wall of the Secure Storage space in the 1764 Cellar. To the right is the existing ca. 1764 chimney base, in the center of the photograph, is a ca. 1812 chimney base built to supportthe ca. 1812 Drawing Room Fireplace.  At the far left of the photo is the plastered covered remains of the ca. 1764 chimney base that was removed in ca. 1812.