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To virtually restore the ca. 1764 doorways on the south wall of the ca. 1764 Passage, the Restoration Team first determined the size of the rough openings of the doorways. Rough opening is the name for an opening in a masonry or framed wall that holds the finished window or door trim. Because the ca. 1764 trim that was installed on the north wall's doorways had been discarded in ca. 1812, to trim the virtually restored ca. 1764 doors an example of a surviving ca. 1764 doorway needed to be found and copied. Fortunately, just such a doorway survived on the south wall of the South Passage.  Specifically, this door's trim was selected because it was from the same period and from the same room as the missing doors.


The ca. 1764 doorway that was copied for the virtual restoration of the South Passage's northern doors.