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After trying the light green board out in multiple rooms, it was finally found to fit against the southern wall in an upstairs bedchamber.  In this instance the baseboard turned out to be especially important because it was the only piece of the room’s ca. 1764 trim that survived (the window dates to ca. 1809).  As a result of placing the baseboard back into the room the Restoration Team was able to not only accurately restore the room’s baseboards, but they were also able to recapture a portion of the room’s paint history. As with other large architectural fragments, once the Madison-era location was determined, the restoration carpenters re-installed the fragment back into its original location.  Because only a portion of this baseboard survived, the Restoration's carpenters carefully restored it to its ca. 1764 length by splicing a new piece of baseboard with an identical molding profile onto the fragment.


The ca. 1764 baseboard reinstalled in the ca. 1764 second floor's central room.  The white portion of the baseboard found to the left is a modern patch made by Montpelier's restoration carpenters.