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Unfortunately, upon initial inspection of the Bowling Alley boards the team only found evidence of stairs going in the exact opposite direction of the missing ca. 1812 North Cellar Stairs.  However, once it was known that there had been two generations of stairs built in the North Cellar, the Team decided to reinvestigate the boards.  When a flashlight was used to rake light across the boards in the Bowling Alley's cramped attic, evidence for a second stair materialized out of the darkness.  Under the raking light the rough ridges and changes in textures created by differing amounts of paint quickly became visible and clearly exposed the paint-covered ghost of the ca. 1812 stair.  After finding evidence for the ca. 1812 stair, it was undeniable that the boards had originally been part of the stair enclosure found in the North Cellar.


The ca. 1812 stair enclosure boards found reused as sheathing on the roof of Montpelier's Bowling Alley.