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The ca. 1812 bill from President Madison's carpenters Dinsmore and Neilson was a major source of information for the Restoration Team.  The bill included an incredibly detailed list of what the carpenters built in the Mansion between ca. 1809 and ca. 1812, and, at the start of the restoration, provided the team with a preview of what they would find as the restoration moved forward.  One of the more interesting items in the bill included a listing for "15 ft 6 supal plank shelves" in the North Cellar Kitchen.  Once the Restoration Team knew that the shelves existed in the room, the next step was to find physical evidence that would allow them to accurately reconstruct them.  However, once the plaster was removed to expose the evidence the Team would be surprised by what was revealed.


The east wall of the North Kitchen before the Restoration started.