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When this physical evidence was combined with the Dinsmore letter it became clear that the stone fireplace surround that was mounted in the ca. 1812 Drawing Room fireplace was actually the reused surround from the ca. 1764 Parlor. After this discovery, the process of virtually reconstructing the ca. 1764 Parlor fireplace surround became a simple matter of digitally recreating the egg-and-dart backband found in the ca.1764 Dining Room. However, because the surround was found in the Drawing Room in ca. 1812, the Restoration Team also needed to restore the real, physical surround as well. With the help of master stonemason Ray Cannetti, and a fresh shipment of St. Bee's sandstone from England, a new backband was carved for the surround.  The repaired surround can be seen in the Drawing Room today.


The restored ca. 1764 fireplace surround in the Drawing Room.