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Once all of the plaster was removed from the walls of the ca. 1812 Entry, it was revealed that there were three 2-1/2" wide wooden nailers embedded in the western wall.  Two of the nailers were found at approximately waist level while a third nailer was located just below the ceiling.  The Restoration Team quickly uncovered that nailers found in the ca. 1764 South Passage were the same height as those they discovered in the Entry.  Because the South Passage nailers were used to support ca. 1764 wainscot, the Team determined that the two lower nailers they found had once supported wainscot in the ca. 1764 Parlor.  But what about the third nailer found near the top of the wall?  Because of its location, the only possible piece of 18th-century molding that this nailer could support was a cornice.  Interestingly, the fact that no other cornice nailers were found in the ca. 1764 portion of Montpelier indicates that the Parlor was the only room to have a cornice in the house from ca. 1764 through to ca. 1812.


Nailers found on the west wall of the Entry.