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Because all of the woodwork had been removed from the room in ca. 1812 when the Drawing Room was created, the restoration team had to develop conjectural designs for the virtually reconstructed paneling and cornice.  Two main sources served as inspiration for the conjectural woodwork.  The primary source was any relevant ca. 1764 trim that survived.  In this instance the most relevant surviving ca. 1764 trim included the wainscot in the South Passage and the paneling found on the south wall of the ca. 1764 Dining Room.  Because these examples were found in the Montpelier Mansion itself, they were also by far the most important source.


Surviving paneling in the ca. 1764 Dining Room.  The new, ca. 2006 trim is painted white while the Madison-era ca. 1764 trim has yet to be painted.