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The FTIR and SEM-SED analysis was used to determine the elemental composition of the sample as well as to map the distribution of the elements throughout the sample.  The FTIR/SEM analysis confirmed the acid digestion test by finding that calcium-carbonate (lime) was a major component of the paint.  Additionally, the mapping of the sample clearly showed that the lime was found scattered throughout the sample in a matrix with the red iron oxide pigments.  This indicated that the calcium-carbonate was part of the paint and not a coincidental layer of lime accidentally deposited by the masons as they built the walls.  As a result of the material analysis it was confirmed that the paint used by President Madison’s masons to color Montpelier’s brickwork red was based on lime and not hide glue or linseed oil. 


The results of the SEM-SED tests to determine the elemental composition of Montpelier's red wash.