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To accurately reproduce the red wash on the mansion the final step in the investigation was to analyze the red wash’s color and identify the pigments used to create the color.  To discover what pigments had been used, Dr. Susan Buck used a process called pigment analysis.  After her testing was completed she determined that the wash was colored with both iron oxide (or red ocher) and charcoal black.  Paint conservator Dr. Buck also analyzed samples of the red wash using an instrument called a colorimeter that very accurately recorded the paint’s color.  Using this information, as well as the large areas of surviving wash found on the Mansion, it was possible to produce color-matched samples of a reproduction red wash.  Test patches of these color-matched red washes were then applied to a brick panel that was built to replicate the color and texture of the bricks used to build the Mansion’s exterior wall.


Dr. Susan Buck applying a test sample of a color-matched red wash she developed to a brick test panel.