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The wing pintles, however, were a different story.  Instead of the plate type pintles found on the main block, the wing used jamb pintles that were mounted onto the side of the window before it was installed.   The reason for using a different type of pintle on the wings was due to the fact that the trim for the main block windows sits on top of the brick work while the trim for the wing windows is recessed inside the window opening.  Like the plate pintles, a jamb pintle was found during deconstruction.  However, this pintle had been bent back behind one of the wing window frames and to reproduce the pintles a blacksmith had to first heat the deformed metal and straighten it back into its ca. 1812 shape.  After the original design was recovered, the blacksmith then reconstructed an additional 55 pintles and they were installed on the windows.


A reconstructed jamb pintle being installed on a wing window.